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We believe that artisanship is more than the highest quality craft. It is the understanding that truly exceptional objects and spaces don't happen by accident. It takes the skill, creativity and Master Craftspersons to accomplish. Patronizing artisans fuels local business, propels innovation and demonstrates a commitment to quality.


Traditional craft arts are a vital part of vibrant communities worldwide. For centuries artisan knowledge and skill are passed down generationally through the practice of skillful making. There is significant value in living traditions; in the incredible work created and in the evolution of a practice made vibrant for the next generation of makers. 

Knot & Burl designs and fabricates one-of-a-kind furniture and architectural sculpture. Every piece,  either from our Hand Made Collection or Custom Collaboration Process is expertly crafted by head artist Meg Bye in our Seattle, WA studio. Bye blends traditional artisan expertise with contemporary design aesthetic.


At Knot & Burl we want to change the way people interact with their possessions. To replace a disposable consumer culture with a new way of thinking. Where the highest in materials, expertise and design drive every decision. At Knot & Burl, 


 We make contemporary heirlooms.

We specialize in a range of materials including fine woodworking, leather working, gilding (metalic leaf), and antique mirror. As each piece is 100% expertly fabricated in our Seattle, WA studio, we guaranteed the finest quality artisanship.

We work closely with architects, designers and patrons to create custom pieces specifically tailored to each space. This approach results in a polished, unique outcome not possible with factory farmed work.

photo by John Granen

photo by e eddy

photo by John Granen


photo by Haris Kenjar

Seattle, WA

Bellevue, WA

photo by John Granen

Seattle, WA



Seattle, WA

photo by E Eddy

KNOT & BURL 2018 


photo by E Eddy

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Absolutely everything is created by hand in our Seattle, WA studio and can be shipped worldwide. 

We believe that how we handle our materials is an integral part of the making process. Knot and Burl sources a majority of its materials from local businesses and disposes of its waste with an eye toward recycling, carbon offset and environmental responsibility. 

Knot and Burl conducts extensive research into the consumption of materials, selection on the basis of: integrity and longevity of material, scarcity and environmental impact, value of the resource.


"The long term philosophy behind what I make is the idea that higher quality items, in every regard - design, craft, materials - begin to replace disposable and inconsequential items in our culture. I think the twofold outcome is a more responsible consumer practice and a culture where craft and expression flourish. 

I see making this way as a kind of commitment to artisanship as a philosophy and a lifestyle. More than all that, however. At the end of the day I love what I do, and I think that shows in the work.

Reach out to me, I'd love to have you at the studio."


       Meg Bye

       Founder & Principal Artist

       Knot & Burl Studios

photo by Haris Kenjar

Seattle, WA                          617.412.5086       

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