Antique Mirror, as shown here through the fantastical styling of photographer E. Eddy, can make any space a fantasy. Through a multi-step antiquing process our artists can tailor the color, intensity and patina of antique mirrors to achieve a wide range of moods and styles. 

All that glitters is indeed Gild. Knot & Burl artists are accomplished gilders, {referring to the process of adhering razor thin sheets of metal paper to a surface}. Working in gold, copper, silver and a wide range of color hues between. We also offer a variety of faux precious metal which provide an environmentally conscious and affordable alternative. 

Antique mirrors are artists Meg Bye's specialty. Most antique mirrors are manufactured in large scale factories in China. The results are a low quality, uniform product. Often the chemicals process is harmful to the employees and environment. At Knot & Burl, our head artist, Bye has created a system by which to safely customize antique mirror in an expressive and safe manner. Mirrors can be custom ordered in a range of sizes, shapes and patina. All materials used are disposed of with the highest environmental responsibility.